Special Needs Planning

Through our program, our special needs planning services can help families navigate through the maze of legal and financial complexities that surround special needs planning. Working with your qualified legal advisor, we can help you secure a lifetime of care and quality of life for your dependent with special needs, even when you are no longer there.                                                                                                       

We can provide families with practical information and guidance in the areas that concern care givers and guardians the most, including:

  • Choosing a Trustee
  • Choosing a Guardian
  • Creating Letters of Intent (a road map for a guardian to care for your dependent with special needs)
  • Applying for Government Benefits
  • Remaining Eligible for Government Benefits
  • Creating Special Needs Trusts
  • Funding Special Needs Trusts
  • And More

Helpful Reminders To Make Special Needs Planning Work For You

  • Clearly identify your child's short and long-term needs and set up a plan to meet those needs. The Letter of intent is a very useful tool to help families identify important issues.
  • Understand the effects of each financial decision. Remember all of your financial decisions are interrelated.
  • Review your financial plan periodically – State and Federal laws related to special needs planning change frequently. Frequent review will be necessary to make certain that your plans for your child are still viable.